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Giving athletes the healing edge.

“We got you covered from state-of-the-art soft tissue techniques and modalities to affordable MRI and blood analysis.”

WHY SETTLE FOR ONE PARADIGM?  We have taken the best of kinesiology, chiropractic, physiotherapy and functional medicine to provide a one of kind sports medicine experience.

Graston Technique: An innovative form of soft tissue mobilization.  Specially designed stainless steel instruments are used to detect and treat areas of scar tissue/fibrosis or chronic inflammation.

Cold Laser:  This technology reduces muscle spasms, improves stiffness, increases circulation and directly provides cells with energy to help repair an injury.

SCENAR: This device uses an electromagnetic signal which is almost identical to the human nerve signal.  It stimulates your brain to produce neuropeptides and endorphins which rapidly advances healing.  

Kinesio Tape: This unique tape provides support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting the body’s range of motion.  It’s excellent for mild strains and correcting biomechanical issues.

Active Release Technique: ART is a hands on technique that combines soft tissue mobilization with active muscle motion.  This results in immediate improvements in active range of motion.

Gait Scan: Optimal foot biomechanics is a must for all ground based athletics.  Using state of the art technology, we provide a comprehensive biomechanical evaluation of your gait.  


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SECRET SAUCE.  Our unique approach has been a key factor in returning both professional and recreational athletes to the top of their game be it surfing, Crossfit, mixed martial arts, volleyball, basketball, soccer, triathlons or marathons.