Jun 12 2012

Cold Laser Therapy Speeds Up Healing

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Sports-medicine-cold-laser1What if you could make a wound heal faster?  Would you be interested?  Europe has been on the cutting edge of a relatively new form of therapy and it is finally starting to take hold in San Diego, and across the USA.  The basic premise is to provide a unique type of energy to an injury to help speed up the recovery process.

Laser therapy (also known as phototherapy, low level laser therapy and cold laser) involves the application of low power coherent light to injuries and lesions to stimulate healing and reduce pain.  The effects of laser therapy are photochemical. Photons enter the tissue and are absorbed into your cells powerhouse (mitochondria) which in turn creates energy (ATP).  

These physiological changes affect macrophages, fibroblasts, endothelial cells, mast cells, bradykinin and nerve conduction rates….this means a variety of cells in your body now have the energy to work properly.  A wide variety of benefits have been reported on in the scientific literature ranging from accelerated wound healing to treatment of frozen shoulder and plantar fasciitis.  This form of therapy works very well on sports related soft tissue injuries.

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Recently an experiment was conducted in the journal of Photomedicine and Laser Surgery to look at treating arthritis in the knee with low level laser therapy. This study examined 35 patients suffering from knee arthritis and the effects of laser treatment on pain, range of motion, and knee circumference. Each patient received their designated treatment twice per week for four weeks. The results found that the patients who received low level laser therapy had an immediate decrease in pain and improvement in their knee range of motion. These improvements were still maintained 2 months after the treatment sessions ended.

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